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Warehousing Services India

We help the trade to meet the lead time challenges by advising for planned import/warehousing of goods in bulk and release in piece meals to meet short lead time targets.

Warehousing (Bonding) of goods in Public/ Private/Customs Bonded Warehouses:

  • Booking Space in the warehouse
  • Processing of papers in customs for warehousing
  • Execution of Bonds and Sureties with Indian Customs
  • Transferring the goods to the bonded warehouse


De-bonding (Ex-Bonding) the goods from Public/ Private/Customs Bonded Warehouse:

  • Execution of Ex-Bond Documentation in the Customs Department
  • Release of goods from Bonded Warehouse
  • Re-Packing & Re-Labeling in Bonded Warehouse
  • Export from Bonded Warehouse
  • Cancellation of Bond & Release of Sureties